Styling: Like a Real Man

Ah si, the dreariness of the mundane, the transformation of the once heat zone in your favorite sandbox has now turned frigid and the mere sight of geese flying in the V shape formation have you buying that ticket to Acapulco. Or, if you are me, leap for joy because you can now sport driving gloves and a leather trench.

Ok now, I have spent one half of my summer in LA and the other in Canada. Yes, I said it....Canada. Land of the 'true north, strong and free', is completely unforgivable for MAN wear during the summers. Flip-flops?? without the yacht and beach-bum Bahamas?? by the starbucks....rechid.

I prefer the fickleness of Autumn, the London-ish shade of grey that seems to have most people under a deep spell of depression. Why?? Yo no se. I need leather, high top leather shoes, trench, driving gloves and that hat that says.."yeah, was in LA for a bit, now I'm over it". So, It might be a little non-fraishe now but I've found a few things to get ready for this years Autumn rrratata;

Back in January, during Milan's RTW fashion week, Trussardi celebrated his 100 years of fascinating the public with its wonderful leather savoire-faire.

Johnny Depp-like Jean Jacque over here is kind of killing the scene with the leather pants yet the suede-robe-trench is amazing for making that under 60 sec. heist. Yeah, roll up the sleeves.

I was watching the movie 'Carlos' last night and this trench came to mind...(right before he offs 3 police officers and a liaison). Marvelous I say. Good for that dinner meeting but not so good for cigar smoking. Trust...unless you have a very large ziplock bag filled with baking soda.

If you are 5'8" like yours truly, you will prefer to go with a tailored half thigh-length approach. Do you want to look like you have stepped into a foot-deep drain hole? Do ya?

Some good colors to go by can range from the stagnant black charcoal to this moss grey which seemed to gather my attention. Autumn can be placed in a 70's theme, a bit sauvage but mild in color and details.

I am also not very much into the business of wind breakers, but the fact that Trussardi has one in nappa leather distracts me from the idea that I probably look like a sleeping bag.

Frankin'-Jaw below has my vote.

That is all from me. I bid you Adieu and stay well groomed my friends.



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