GOA is a dream that only a few have experienced. The scent of fruits and salt in the air from the nearby waters sometimes add nostalgic thoughts of when you were small and went to the beach for the first time. But that is not it. Many people from around the world flock to this west-side delight of India to experience the ever popular Spa's and treatments.

From Honey washes to eucalyptus smelling Turkish baths, I dove into something that resonated deeply..almost like an epiphany. Goan skin care.....how amazing would it be to capture these moments and add a 4D aspect into a product. You can see and hear, through photography and music how each moment was captured into a body cream or facial cleanser; You can smell and touch the skin care and through this, finally create an emotion that has you sent back in time to those early days of when you bought that first sand in a jar next to the fruit market. GOA par Rodrigo Diaz was Born.

This dashing bottle you see on the right happens to establish those feelings. As an Aloe Vera extract base and hints of grapefruit and lavender, it is not your typical shampoo. The Full Moon Spa collection was inspired by Mid-night Spa outings in the Taj palace in Goa; and it contains a few surprises.
 Mandukaparni, Hibiscus, Brahmi and Yashtimadhu are not the four members of ABBA; They are Indian Ayurvedic ingredients that connect your mind with the environment around you. Other than promoting the protection  of proteins in your hair, it maintains a healthy energy within your body.  This wonderful tube also sits stylishly in the shower.

For more info on the FullMoon Shampoo, you can click here

It is available in the US, Canada and India.

Stay well Groomed my friends. 








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GOA’s packaging is divine; both tube and box. They go perfectly hand in hand with the luxurious product inside. And it almost seems like we will have to find something else to put in it after the shampoo is finished, because there is no way I could throw it out.


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