GOA Club Digest is Born...For the fickle Traveler

Well...as you might have already guessed (that blog is really trying to lure you in to buy some of our luxuuurious skin care). Mmmm yes and no. While GOA par Rodrigo Diaz would love for you to indulge in its new and eclectic, designer skin care, here at GOA Club we want you to enjoy our exotic lifestyle...........

We are your online wing men and women (not flight attendants). Your 12 am liaison to success in the cigar lounge when things are not going too well with the Italian girl or guy you just met at Cave in St. Trop. The hook-up you get when you step into LAX and your luggage has gone MIA on a first class seat to Mumbai.
The GOA Club represents the fickle, the strong, the anxious, impatient, chronically bored men and their women. This changing world is becoming more unstable at an increasing rate and requires ever changing individuals. So we offer an uncertain and unsteady way of living. From our men’s and women’s stylists to our scouts at underground clubs we will give the best choices that our frivolous minds can process.

Stay well groomed my friends, and welcome to the GOA Club.

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Love it Rod! Wooohoo!! Following the energy x


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