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Why Your Skin Needs To Be On CBD

Why Your Skin Needs To Be On CBD

2 minute read

Fun Fact: Brands using Hemp Seed Oil or Hemp Seed Extract do not contain CBD and are occasionally misleading. *cough* Kiehl’s *cough*

Rodrigo here, and at 40, my fascination with cutting down the clock on aging [due to our lifestyles] has only grown into a drive for more research and time dedicated to launching some of the world’s top age-regenerating solutions. With a combination of CBD isolate, our proprietary ingredient, Dark Phyto Protein, and biotech partnerships, the Specchio Nero Collection prioritized taking down the main targets in the skin that cause faster aging. But, what are these targets, and how do they cause aging?

UV Exposure

The skin under the eye undergoes significant aging as an aftermath of environmental damage. UV exposure creates fine lines and deeper wrinkles.


High amounts of cortisol (the stress hormone) break down the skin's proteins which hold it up and speed the formation of wrinkles.

Natural or Chronological Aging

From chromosome shortening to slower cell division, natural aging forms thinner skin, lowering its resistance to the inside and outside world. 

Protein Disintegration 

Collagen and elastin are the skin’s major structural proteins. they degrade in the presence of lifestyle habit stress. This causes wrinkles, as well as sagging, dull, and tired-looking skin.

The Skin’s Immunity

These functions keep bacteria and other toxins that can lead to disease, sensitive skin, and irritation at bay.

Reactive Oxygenated Species

These guys float around the cell with an unpaired electron. This makes these molecules very unstable and damage many functions that keep the skin healthy.

Addressing these 6 targets created by our daily life opens the road to research that not only results in healthier skin but in the regeneration of lost time. Find out how these 6 targets are taken down, and how the Specchio Nero Collection uses state-of-the-art formulations to get the job done quickly.

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