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What's The Best Night Time Routine?

What's The Best Night Time Routine?

3 minute read

Whether finishing up a project late into the evening or hanging with a few friends while enjoying an Old Fashion, the skin builds up oxidative stress and can start breaking down some key proteins that make your skin firm. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure both repairing and protective functions are working properly in your skin at night. 

1. Make It Rain

Take a good shower (not too hot as it can dry out the skin later on) with warm to cold water. The colder the better.  It’s been proven that this technique (cold water therapy that is) can improve your circulation, deepen your sleep, spike your energy levels, and reduce inflammation in your body. Also, it can make you more alert when the bartender goes a little too easy on the mezcal in your Mexican Mule.

2. Use the Cleanser as a Mask 

Your skin is like a protective sponge, but even sponges get dirty. At night, your skin holds in dirt, pollution, and the toxins that build up to make oxidative stress chop down the stuff that holds up the skin (proteins and the liquid in between that keep it hydrated). What better way to destroy all that noise by using your cleanser - But not just any ol’ cleanser. Make sure you keep the lather on for about 60 seconds before washing off all that sweet goodness. Cleansers with proteins, amino acids, and extracts should always be left on more time so that you get the most out of them.

3. Destroy Oxidative Stress

This is the part where most people skip over or just had no idea. At night, all that stress we were chatting about needs to be broken down before hydrating the skin. Reactive oxygenated species (ROS) flourishes in the skin after a long day and is something a cleanser cannot deactivate. So, what do you use? An anti-stress serum! Serums with ingredients like retinol and vitamin C break down oxidative stress and get you that smooth-as-ice skin.

4. Tackle & Grapple

Protect and hydrate your skin; This means locking down a moisturizer that not only hydrates your skin but also protects those proteins from falling into a state of stress when taking down that wine or cocktail later. Other moisturizers out there are pretty bad so make sure they are not too oily and have just the right amount of hydrating components. 

Learn more about GOA’s Regenerative Face Cream [RFC-24] to get the perfect balance of hydration and protective capabilities. Also, just a heads up - If you’re not familiar with our RFC-24 we just added a new ingredient called Neurophroline which cuts down stress in the skin by 70%. It’s incredible; Find out more below.

Already know about the RFC-24? Find out below what routines go best with the Face Cream below.


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