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What Lifestyle Habits Cause The Most Damage?

What Lifestyle Habits Cause The Most Damage?

2 minute read

Rodrigo here and the phrase, “You are what you eat,” was a saying we all grew up with - but have you heard of “you are what you do?”

Every day we destroy our skin with constant lifestyle choices that we make. And these choices define us, well, at least in this case they define your skin. So, how do you know which lifestyle habit you need to write off or moderate? Below, we’ve dug into the top 5 habits (because they’re done consistently) that cause the most damage.

Burnt To The Crisp 

I used to tan relentlessly like it was my last hour of sunlight. As I made it past my 30’s, I started to look like a leather shoe. And not a Ferragamo shoe. What was happening to me? 


I was not drinking correctly until my mid 30’s. Redness, acne, rougher skin, and overall duller skin. I finally began drinking only the good stuff while cutting the excess. My skin never looked better. How did this happen?

Stress. A Double-Edged Sword

“Yoga-mat it, bro.” Stress is good for building resistance - Excess stress turns into your worst enemy, creating not only damage in the skin but also some serious diseases. Here’s how hormones play a role in turning your skin upside down. 

Cigarette Smoking 

Tobacco smoke was something I became allergic to in my 20s from living in Europe. From skin redness to blueish, dull, drier skin, this carcinogen suffocates even the microbiome living on your skin. 


Like the above habit, pollution is very similar in the fact that it terrorizes your skin. Pollution uses more particulate matter like road dust and toxic organic compounds like dioxins from forest fire smoke. How does this suffocate your skin?

You’ll find that all of these habits have one thing in common. They all produce oxidative stress on the skin. And without antioxidants to cover excess oxidation, the body and skin age faster and not very gracefully. So, which products do you need for your lifestyle? Find out how through GOA’s Skin Quiz and reverse damage from lifestyle habits while ensuring you get the clearest, healthiest skin you’ve ever had.


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