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Your Skin On This Cannabinoid, And How It Works

Your Skin On This Cannabinoid, And How It Works

3 minute read

Fun Fact: The Hemp [cannabis] plant is called ‘Marijuana’ if it contains more than 0.3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC. But it’s the same plant. They both contain CBD.

Rodrigo here, and over the years was no short of new ingredients that inspire us to create some of the world’s top lifestyle damage-reducing skincare. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD is one of those ingredients that kept on impressing us with its capabilities to support the forming of much healthier skin. So below I’ve added two of the reasons why we’re amazed and also why you should look into trying it out.

Reduce The Flambee

The skin [also the rest of the body] is rich in CB1 and CB2 receptors as part of the Endocannabinoid system [ECS], both receptors are identified in most skin cells and structures. This means that there are many signaling and regulating functions that are in play in the skin - one of which is the regulation of pro-inflammatory responses such as limiting cytokines which tell the skin to begin the inflammation process. CBD is a very promising cannabinoid in the treatment of psoriasis (inflammatory disorder) due to its effect of inhibiting the proliferation (growing and dividing) of keratinocytes (skin cells)1. This can help with sunburns, inflammation caused by stress, and drinking (among other lifestyle habits).

Born To Age. But At What Pace?

Men are blessed with thicker, oilier, and more age-defying skin than women. Yet! Big ‘yet’; men do not have the traditions of taking care of their skin at an early age. It’s only now that men are beginning to take notice of some pretty good products that are available today (🙋‍♂️ Eiii). Can lifestyle habit damage (which creates over 90% of visible aging on the skin) that we’ve experienced over the years be recovered?

Aging skin is natural, but mixing in the years of hammering it with what we love to do (tanning, drinks, stress (work), pollution from outdoors, etc.), it speeds up. One of CBD’s hallmarks is its ability to bring the skin back to hemostasis (normal operating levels). Which is incredible since our skin is always out of Wack. With the over-production of free radicals (molecules that, in abundance, can damage DNA) caused by stress taking down the proteins in the skin, the volume, pigmentation, thickness, immune functions, and overall health are affected. CBD offers regulation of many signaling pathways and enzymes that are suppressed and free radicals are either depleted or not produced. 

Although CBD is an extraordinary compound, it is still unregulated. What we’ve seen in other brands’ formulas was an insignificant concentration of CBD (or just not mentioning it). Be sure to know how much CBD is in the product; 500 mg per 1 oz. (30ml) should be the minimum and just having CBD in the ingredient list is not enough. Find out more about Specchio Nero’s CBD Collection below and how it does much more with CBD.


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