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There’s An Anti-Pollution Routine?

There’s An Anti-Pollution Routine?

3 minute read

Rodrigo here, and the more we are out during the day (and night) the more we are exposed to some serious chemicals from pollution that causes high oxidative damage and kills our skin's foundation (by protein peroxidation). All this accumulates over time, speeding the aging process and tearing down the health of the skin. Not very good.

There is sunscreen, but is there pollution...screen?

Not really! Unless you want to wrap yourself in a hazmat. But while most 'good' sunscreens reflect the UV rays away from the skin, there is no mirror effect possible for pollution as it is composed of a ton of particulate matter (PM2.5) that sticks to the skin. This can be made up of things that absorb very fast including nitrates, sulfates, organic chemicals, metals, soil or dust particles, and allergens (such as fragments of pollen or mold spores). Particle pollution mainly comes from cars or factories. During bushfires or dust storms, particle pollution can reach extremely high concentrations. I live next to some dry areas so it's even noticeable on my skin!


Why you should be looking into an Anti-Pollution Routine.

Shielding the skin from pollution was not possible at GOA until we discovered a microorganism called Anteromonas. What this crazy creature does is expel a polysaccharide that literally eats up particulate matter like pollution in the oceans. So we thought - why not use it to take down metal in the skin from daily pollution? This is awesome news for those not suited up in a hazmat. Using a detox strategy while applying this ingredient into your routine you’ll be able to control the damage that pollution has on the skin. So what are the steps?

Control the toxins present on the top layer of skin while controlling oil production by using a protein cleanser. Each of us has different needs to deplete toxins and lock down the right amount of moisture without drying out the skin. Use a protein cleanser to both attack the pollutants on the top layer of skin and replenish proteins that have been pulverized by pollution.

Cut down metals in the skin that go deep. Using an anti-pollution serum with an Anteromonas ingredient chelates (removes) heavy metals and reduces adherence of PM2.5 (particulate matter up to 2.5 micrometers) to the skin. Pollution breaks down collagen and oxidizes the lipid layer in the skin, which impairs skin-barrier function. An application of this type of product after cleansing greatly reduces the effects of pollution and gets you that brilliant skin you’ve always wanted. 

Learn more about GOA’s Purifying Face Cleanser and Anti-Pollution Moisturizer in a 1-2 punch routine to tackle and grapple pollution. Wherever you may be.

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