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GOA Member Profile: Ruben Amaya

GOA Member Profile: Ruben Amaya

4 minute read

Rodrigo: Hi GOA members! Rodrigo Diaz is here with our special guest, and GOA member, Ruben Amaya. He plays John Lennon in one of the top US Beatles tribute bands - Ruben, amazing to have you on The Gazette.

Ruben: Thanks for having me!

Rodrigo: Now, you’ve been jamming for 9 years. You’ve had tours around the world, and I know that with all those late-night studio sessions, tours, dealing with your team there is a certain amount of stress that comes with being a musician.

Ruben: Yes - too many sleepless nights.

Rodrigo: What has been the biggest challenge in maintaining the same energy and passion to do what you do?

Ruben:  The late nights always take so much out of me, plus the constant stress. Getting up, I’ve never really been worried about my skin until recently. I’m starting to look more tired and that affects the way I feel. 

Rodrigo: Completely understand. Was there anything else that impacted your wellbeing? Like those late nights, lack of sleep, etc.

Ruben: Whiskey 100%, haha. Drinking does not go well with the lack of sleep and stress. Looking tired makes me feel emotionally drained, so it takes even more energy from my day. You can’t give it your all.

I guess that's why I started looking for something that could make me not look so tired. 

Rodrigo: What did you look for?

Ruben: Mostly natural energy smoothies, I started to eat better as well. I felt like I had a little more energy but still looked like crap haha. I also tried out some brands online, but they only made my skin oily. But then I saw something about alcohol use and skin and I felt like the GOA brand was more up my alley. 

Rodrigo: Was that the main attraction to the brand for you?

Ruben: Yes, I think men need to be more educated about how things like drinking or smoking can damage the skin. Also - the brand is sleek AF.

Rodrigo: Glad you think so. And what products got you hooked?

Ruben: I started off with the Collagen+Control Facial Serum, which was the first product I saw that works to get rid of tired skin. After trying that and some of the samples, I just shotgunned it to the Collection. 

Rodrigo: How is that experience for you?


Rodrigo: That good, huh?

Ruben: I like the shocking simplicity. I mean, it’s 6 products, seems like so much information! But then you do it once in less than 3 minutes (when not using the 15-minute mask) and are immediately blessed with clear, way healthier skin. 

Rodrigo: What stood out to you more with this brand than other brands you were looking for before starting your GOA regimen. 

Ruben Amaya: Knowing and having evidence that it works quickly is obviously the biggest thing for me. I do love companies that have a solid brand voice, and GOA does it very well. The packaging is phenomenal - I know you guys changed it up a few weeks ago, and, wow. Speechless.

Rodrigo: Thanks, Ruben - appreciate that. Always the best for our members. So did you find a solution to the challenges you were facing before?

Ruben: You know, it’s really strange how the perception of oneself is more often than not responsible for how you feel during the whole day! In short, oh yeah. My face feels lighter, fresher, and when I look in the mirror, it’s completely clear! It stays with you the whole day - and night:) haha.

Rodrigo: The reason why we started the brand! Plus the way you interact with people change for the better too!

Ruben: Exactly!

Rodrigo: And what would you recommend to your followers and people looking for a solution for their skin from stress and fatigue?

Ruben: Ah, man. I’d totally recommend the collection but that’s just me. I’d get them to either dive right into the Collection or get the sample set to find the products that work for their skin.

Rodrigo: Ruben! It’s been a pleasure chatting with you - we’ve got to have you back and look forward to your next show. Let us know?

Ruben: Incredible chatting with you as well, thanks for having me on The Gazette. I'll let you know when we jam in LA!

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