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How Does Travel Affect the Skin? Mr. Bateman's Journey

How Does Travel Affect the Skin? Mr. Bateman's Journey

5 minute read

“4:30 am never looked so good,” was a sentence I was never familiar with, just thinking it repulsed the idea of a good night's rest. Today is slightly different. With taxis, connections, and flights I knew travel was going to affect my sensitive complexion.

The flight from New York to London for a meeting practically destroys the body, so setting up my perfect regimen beforehand reduces any unwanted pains for the next few days. I believe in taking care of myself, and so I prefer to exercise before any long flight.

“I'll put on an ice pack while doing my
stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now.”

The cabin pressure on a flight mimics living up in the mountains about 6 or 8 thousand feet in the air. This reduces blood flow to my skin and dulls my face. So, stretching really opens up circulation in my skin, muscles, and ligaments especially when sitting down for 10 hours like a Parisian mime. Otherwise, I run the chance of inflammation, skin redness, and damage. 

Boarding Flight 6342 

I’m at the gate, and it was what I feared. Strollers and small rodents. Oh, my god, there’s one loose now. I’m never typically stressed, but on the odd occasion, I would resort to a cream application of regenerative solution as it can ease any unforeseen redness from the trip to the airport. Regardless of how I’m stressed, the hormone, cortisol, can induce various immune responses in the skin and promote the degradation of its natural moisture barrier. So I just turn on my favorite music from talented artists in the 80s and veer my mind to something else.


Taking Off & Under Pressure

My third fear is a travel companion with better, more refined shoes than I. There is nothing more pleasing than an Italian shoe. I think Ferragamo is the greatest shoemaker. Its vara pumps have been a fashion icon since 1978. But hopefully, I will take a slight nap before interjecting 🔪.

The skin is comfortable when humidity is between 40% and 70%. When the plane takes off, the humidity drops to a very low 20%. As the skin attempts to compensate for this, moisture is pulled from the deeper layers. This leads to a dehydrated complexion. So, I moisturize at this time, again. It is ok to apply a regenerative face cream when extreme conditions arise. 

The Red-Eye Club

Cross-border flights to different continents are the best choice for travel as I get away from frantic life in Manhattan - I mean, just try getting a reservation at Dorsia these days. I prefer the Londonesque, more relaxed view of the world in its entirety. The English are a well-spoken people, I think, we should give more credit to. 

The slight nap was a mere 20 minutes due to the shattering of glass from the flight attendants behind me. I really need to get some sleep - my skin cannot repair itself correctly from damage and inflammation. The lack of sleep may interfere with wound healing in some cases, promoting even more inflammation in the skin.

Royal Red

In my opinion, the most coveted seat when traveling is the seat in the very front. Close to the window while feeling like I am the only one on the plane. [Not turning around] “Is this an empty flight?” It is always good to have control over the shade. I don’t want to expose my skin to the harmful rays of the sun. As the plane ascends, the sun’s rays are even more damaging to the skin than when I’m on the ground. The face can be left red if not careful. I like to add a little bit of sunscreen to the exposed areas if my flight companion has inexcusably declined my generous offer to take my seat.


Hands off the Merchandise

There is an idea of the perfect flight, the perfect souliers, the perfect briefcase; some sense of control. And though I can hide my stressed skin under perfectly formulated skincare, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable…I am simply revolted. I recently found that I touch my face sixteen times an hour. That, along with touch check-in screens, rails, and seat handles containing an average of 253,857 colony forming units (172 CFU’s are found on household toilet seats) the skin becomes a breeding ground for breakouts and irritation when we travel.

Naturally, the skin does defend itself. I activate my skin’s defenses by using a Regenerative Face Cream with Dark Phyto Protein to support those functions as well as securing a manageable regimen for dry skin. This is my favorite product by GOA Skincare, it was originally released in late 2018 and is a great addition to their collection. 

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