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Founder Update Q4 2021 | New Launches

Founder Update Q4 2021 | New Launches

5 minute read

2021 brought a fierce new vision for the future of GOA. We are the avant-garde, always fresh, and always pushing to discover and create. We wake up every morning in excitement to support our members in optimizing their lifestyles through education and new, effective solutions for their skin. So this coming quarter, we’ve brought in some upgraded reformulations, new launches, new technology, and fresh design (oh yeah).


In a reformulation tantrum, GOA saw the opportunity to give the Oil-Free Protein Moisturizer a completely upgraded chassis, gears, and turbocharger. Basically, a new airless system, ingredients, and active compound to attack metals (particulate matter 2.5) from pollution. We’ve styled this reformulation in light of more activities outside. If you’re an athlete, cruising in the car, or just sipping a cold Belgian outside, pollution is everywhere and a great concern to the health of your skin. As GOA makes your skin a priority we’ve included a clinically proven polysaccharide from proteobacteria found in the French Polynesian sea. The careless microorganism produces a substance that binds to metals in the ocean and also - the skin!

With higher concentrations of caffeine, amino acids, and enzymes, the APM-24 not only brings a new level of hydration to the skin but also destroys metals caused by pollution for 24 hours. The APM-24 launches late this month!

new launches

Reach out to us with questions regarding the APM-24


With an array of superfoods, body hacks for better workouts, mind-improvement chemicals, the new-gen of skin hacks or skin supplements to support healthy skin growth are now the norm. Since oxidative stress is now known to be the cause behind premature aging, we can use topical applications and supplements with antioxidants to fight alongside our body’s protection against free radicals (oxidative stress).

At GOA Skincare, a clear direction to obliterate oxidative stress was the key to supporting its current anti-rapid aging solutions. With a state-of-the-art facility that manufactures according to strict FDA guidelines and manufacturing principles, GOA’s 30-day skin supplement exceeds the quality standards of the run-of-the-mill supplement.  With over 14 powerhouse ingredients like resveratrol and pterostilbene to support the skin's foundation, the Skin Booster opens up the next level to take down the damage caused by our hectic, daily lives.
The Skin Booster Supplement is getting a facelift and re-launching on November 20th, 2021. View the current version of the Skin Booster here. 


When I was a kid - I would have dreams which would later become comic books and short stories, paintings, and sculptures. The passion to create something new, something experiential for others to enjoy out of nothing is like having cake and eating it too. Years have gone by and a culmination of knowledge, passion, and work fuses to take my professional (and personal) life into the next era of development. 

And so it is with much pleasure to announce the launch of the Specchio Nero Collection [“Black Mirror” in Italian]. A meaning which, if I were to put it into one phrase it would be “The Subconscious Age”. Without showing any inkblots, Specchio Nero represents how we see ourselves and the knowledge of having the power to change. With the use of CBD and biotechnologically advanced ingredients, GOA creates the world's first lifestyle-driven treatments for aging skin.

With heightened formulations and education comes heightened design elements to tell the story. Inspiration for the formula’s new packaging needed to be something to remember so we found that depictions of space travel in the ’70s brought a calm and aspirational sense of the future. We wanted to bring that back. With clean lines, leathery smooth paper texture, and a travel box that should be in Stanley Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey 2001, the outer packaging is truly an item to take home. The collection includes an upgraded CBD Recovery Facial Serum, and the CBD Pro Repair Undereye Serum launching this month.


500 mg/oz. Cannabidiol Isolate

The PRUS-6 is hyper-focused on the three core pillars of aging; light (photoaging) and air pollution, aging from stress (hormonal aging), and natural aging (you're doing this right now). We’ve built this slice of Elysium to tare down some serious lifestyle changes in the skin that cause deep wrinkles and dark circles around the eye. After 6 hours of application, the serum boasts a reduction of more than 20% of wrinkle depth. That’s a huge deal when needing to look fresh. The biotech found in the formula includes a stress-reducing compound called Neurophroline, 500 mg per ounce of CBD isolate, Dark Phyto Protein, and a naturally derived botox-like ingredient. Truly a product to have if you’re serious about healthy skin under the eye.

Get more information on the PRUS-6 by reaching out to our team.

Incredibly happy to be sharing our new launches for the last stretch of 2021, and very excited to introduce our new collection of CBD as it’s been such a ride to get all the research and design to the level that we envisioned it. I would like to thank you for being a part of that vision as we will always strive to provide you with the world’s most efficient skin solutions.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

Rodrigo Diaz



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