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Why You Should be using Amino Acids.

Why You Should be using Amino Acids.

3 minute read

As we trek into bigger and better biotechnology and create formulas that make a difference in the biology of the skin, we begin to find a similar pattern of ingredients that keep popping up in our research. One particular type of ingredient is amino acids (which make up our own DNA). These components are essential in making our bodies work, and vital for some major processes in the skin that make it healthy. So, what are some of the benefits?

Top Benefits

Hydrate the skin

We already have amino acids working hard to keep our skin hydrated. But as we go through our daily lives, the damage breaks them down and self-hydration fails.  What’s the next line of defense? Well, more amino acids, obviously.

Increase Water Retention

One thing is to hydrate and the other is to keep the water that already exists in the system. As we perspire, stress out, or go out in the sun, we lose the ability to retain the skin’s moisture. An amino acid infusion into the skin would cover the loss and protect the skin from losing more water. 

Protect the Skin & Reduce Inflammation

Some amino acids contain antioxidant properties that help out with oxidative stress and others reduce inflammation. This promotes greater cellular repair at night. 

Smooth Out Fine Lines

Certain compounds can target various concerns to attack stress lines and deep wrinkles.

What are some essential amino acids and what do they do exactly? 

Arginine: helps to restore visible skin damage.

Histidine: soothes the skin and has antioxidant properties.

Methionine: protects the skin from harmful substances.

Lysine: strengthens the skin’s surface.

Proline, leucine, and glycine: make fine lines and wrinkles less deep.

Amino acids work well with many ingredients, in particular, peptides and hydrolyzed proteins.

With so many studies, and MDs backing these building blocks of life, amino acids could be one of the leading ingredients to healthier skin. From deep hydration, reducing inflammation, and building back collagen to reducing aging skin, amino acids should be a component in every skincare routine. And so, in light of the above benefits, GOA packs the Purifying Face Cleanser with two hydrolyzed proteins and a blend of essential amino acids to provide the skin with immediate results. Learn more about how the Purifying Face Cleanser can transform the skin to become stronger, clearer, and healthier.

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