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A Guide To Healthy Holiday Skin

A Guide To Healthy Holiday Skin

5 minute read

From stress caused by the in-laws, an increase in alcohol consumption from that shiny bottle you just got from your friend, or staying up until the wee hours of the morning, we’ve all gone through rough patches that take the skin out for a beating. Trust me, I just went through one week for Thanksgiving without my personal skincare set traveling from LA to NYC, and man, I looked like Lawrence of Arabia on his first day in the desert. Major sensitivity to weather changes, brother pushing way too much alcohol on me, and 3 to 5 hours of sleep per night to keep up with work and family events. Not so healthy indeed. 

So what can you do to keep this from happening whilst enjoying every minute of the holidays? That’s what we’re for! And assuming you remember your skincare products when you travel or at least have access to some, here are some things you can do to keep your skin insanely clear and healthy during those not-as-healthy situations. 

Prep: Make sure you have your skincare set handy.

ABC! (Always Be Cleansing)

It’s simple; you’ll be with other people, shaking hands, rails, food, drinks, car handles, etc. And you will touch your face even without knowing it. This accumulating bacteria that is not meant to be on your face will destroy the microbiome (good bacteria) causing mild sensitivity, red patches, and some acne. Using a zero-paraben/sulfate-free gentle cleanser before heading to bed will flush out toxins and bacteria to get your skin ready for the next rodeo. 


Your Gut Health Is Key

I’m sure you haven’t heard of the “Skin-Gut Axis” - But that’s what I’m here for. Your gut and your skin are highly connected through chemical pathways. These pathways to your skin signal gastrointestinal health levels. If it’s unhealthy, then your skin begins to look unhealthy as well. Super simple answer here. Know what makes your gut unhealthy, get those probiotics in, and your skin will thank you for it. This includes drinking the night away, eating fatty, fried, sugary foods. Sugars introduce another hazard called glycation of collagen and elastin which means there is a loss of stiffness in the skin causing wrinkles while accelerating the aging process. No big deal, right?

Anti-Oxidize Your Holiday 

I’m sure you’ve heard of oxidation as we’ve been hitting this subject hard throughout the year. Oxidation in the skin occurs in the event of any exposure to internal or external stressors like UV, stress, alcohol, smoke, etc. Sounds like your holiday? It’s definitely mine. So how can you prep for it? Well, skincare products are not magic crayons (just yet), but finding good solutions with antioxidants in them is the first step. My suggestion? A good consumption of berries or other antioxidant food with a quick-acting serum is the best remedy. Try to find products with retinol or resveratrol/ pterostilbene. 

This is a great supplement and a good source of antioxidants: AV-Booster Supplement

Sleep Is Gold

You know dis, so I won’t be long; sleeping is a crucial part of the repair and regeneration of your skin (not to mention your entire body and mind!). So to keep healthy while keeping sane during the craze of the holiday, know how much sleep you actually need, as everyone is different, and get on it. There are many great techniques for sleep (mine is keeping intense heart rates during run workouts during the day + stretching before sleep). 

Anti-Sensitize Your Skin Before Sleep

A good indication of whether you’ve maintained a (somewhat) healthy night is the clarity and health of your skin in the morning. Too many times have I woken up in utter dismay and thought to myself,  “why didn’t I do this.., or that…” Well, perhaps a Post-it checklist on your fridge when you get home or an alarm on your phone with a picture of how you looked last time when you didn’t follow the checklist:

The first is hydration. “Am I as hydrated as I should be?” Those chapped lips should be a good indication.

“Did I cleanse my face before face-planting this pillow?”. Again, ABC!

“I have another gathering in the morning, did I use my treatment serum?” Well, if you’re this far advanced in recognizing your skin’s health, then you’ll know better about your skin and what it needs better than us (as we’re not there). Make sure to understand more about your skin by finding the habits that do it harm; then moderate.

These are some of the quick hacks to get your skin looking healthy enough to make it through the holidays. But remember, they are not substitutions for having a healthy diet, getting in some exercise, or applying sunscreen if traveling to somewhere with a high UV index. So make sure you have your skincare set ready to keep that skin clear and healthy. To gift these quick and easy solutions (with Limited Edition Cases) find their curated set below.


Have a great Holiday!
Your friendly, neighborhood skincare man.
Rodrigo Diaz.

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