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7 Tips to Upgrade Your Shaving Routine

7 Tips to Upgrade Your Shaving Routine

4 minute read

Whether shaving for the experience, necessity, boredom, or a mix of all three, there are a few steps that, when followed, yield an exceptional shaving routine. Below we’ll go through 7 tips that will guarantee you a more effective and experiential regimen.

Important Prep Time

Preparation is key, and it’s as important for your shave, as for any other aspect of your life. This might seem like an extra step but it really adds to the shaving experience. Wetting or applying a hot towel on your desired shave area hydrates the hair and skin, making it easier for the shaving cream and blade to function properly.  And still, most men skip this step and go straight into shaving - ruining both the skin and the hair follicle, leading to unhealthy hair growth and irritated skin.

shaving routtine

Experience Points: Place a rolled-up damp, facial towel in a glass dish (do not use GOA’s facial microfiber towel as it contains a metal button) and put it in your microwave for 30 seconds. Take the dish out and apply some of your favorite scents (preferably essential oil blends) with a dropper on the towel. Apply GOA’s Hyper Conditioning Hair Oil on the shaving area. Wrap the towel around your face - relax for 5-7 minutes taking deep, slow breaths, thinking about absolutely nothing. Take the towel off and shave.

Invest in a Good Shaving Cream

The right shaving cream can be transformative. If your shaving routine brings you no excitement and you put it off for as long as possible, now it can be different. Truly great shaving cream will have you looking forward to lathering it up, leaving your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed, and reinvigorated. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you’re next searching for a top shaving experience:

Moisturizing: The cream needs to hydrate the hair and skin so that the razor blade can glide with ease and avoid creating any cuts and bumps. 

Non-Stick: One of shaving cream’s more annoying features is the way the hair sticks to the multi-blade razor, which limits its function for later shaves. To prevent this, look for shaving cream with thinner lathers, as those have a high affinity to water and rinse easily. 

Added Value: Good shaving cream does more than just leave you with a close shave. It should deliver nutrients, detoxify the skin, and provide anti-inflammatories to counter any irritation from the shave. 

Get something more than a run-of-the-mill shaving experience - learn more about GOA’s Firming Shave Cream

Got a Beard? Get a Brush.

A shaving brush is one of the best grooming accessories as it adds so much to the shaving experience: 

  • It helps spread the cream to each strand of facial hair, making it easier to slice the hair closer. 
  • It removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin to reduce the risk of irritation, razor bumps, and acne. 
  • It helps create a richer lather that will moisturize the skin more efficiently, giving the skin a closer and smoother shave.

Prop tip: Our team recommends choosing a silvertip badger brush as the bristles have the right balance between stiffness and softness.

Razor Sharp

If you shave every day, the rule of the thumb is to replace the blade every five to ten uses, depending on the quality of the blade and hair thickness. We recommend changing it up every week.

Pro tip: Before using any razor, prep it by soaking or rinsing it in hot water and adding a couple of drops of GOA’s Hair Oil to coat the blade and dislodge any accumulated hair and cream.

No Pressure.

The blade must glide smoothly at certain angles on your skin, so you should avoid putting too much pressure. Let the blade do the work for you. Applying too much pressure will cause cuts and irritation.

Hop on the Grain Train

Shaving against the grain pulls the hair follicle up and away from the skin, which runs the risk of cutting far below the skin line, creating razor bumps and irritation.

Pro Tip: If going against the grain for a smoother shave, clip the hair and then shave with the grain first. 

Rinse with Cool Water and Pat Dry with GOA’s Microfiber towel

And there you have it. Maybe you’ve been out of the shaving game for an extended period of time and are now trying to get back into it? Maybe you’re committed to the shaving grind more than ever? Regardless, your face will thank you when following the above guidelines. Happy shaving!

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