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5 tips to get the healthiest skin this year.

5 tips to get the healthiest skin this year.

4 minute read

Although we are not there every step of the way, we can definitely push you in the right direction with some of the top 5 things you can do to the healthiest skin and transform the way you feel.


As a night-dwelling, multicellular organism myself, the daylight just doesn’t do it for me. But this comes at a great cost. We haven’t evolved yet to sleep 3-5 hours per night and although it might be fine now, your DNA inside every cell in your body is working overtime and not doing its job efficiently. For myself, I usually have to work out every single day in order to get a full night's rest. Sometimes it works and sometimes I have to use certain techniques to get to bed. Find out which method works best for you by researching a few and understanding how your body reacts to them.


This is a tough one as you can tell from one of our ads online. “55% of men have alcohol-related skin issues.” This shouldn’t alarm anyone as what we define as a ‘skin issue’ is not the same as what others may think. Only drinking one beer (for example) can initiate a reaction in the skin. Some slight redness or patchy dryness. Not a big issue, but an issue nonetheless.

I also enjoy a really good drink. a good glass of Clase Azul tequila or a Duvel. But the point is the accumulation over multiple days and weeks in your body. Not only does it destroy your body but ages your skin faster. Moderating this habit or just completely X-ing it out will get you the healthiest skin you've ever had. 

A Solid Skin Routine For The Lifestyle You Lead

Like working out to benefit from the energy and resilience to stress, a great skin routine does the same for skin and the way you feel. Sure, we can chat about the innovations behind some of our proprietary ingredients and how we can elevate the skin to fight off lifestyle habit damage, but it’s really about understanding what we’re doing to our body and skin. For without knowledge, we won’t change.


I keep a 2-liter bottle next to my work desk 24/7. I detest refilling it, and I actually don’t like the taste of water. But hey, it’s literally the elixir of life. Without enough water, the kidneys use more energy and wear on tissue. Your kidneys need to function adequately to flush out waste from your blood. Not only that but your skin becomes dehydrated as well and more prone to wrinkling and damage by affecting the collagen in your skin.

Anti-Stress Techniques

Stress is so important. There is eustress, acute stress, and chronic stress. I’ve been researching stress for about 12 years now and it is a spectrum, as you may know. Do you know that tingle you feel when you get a runner’s high (for some of us), complete a huge project that had some great returns, or you bought an NFT and 10x’d your investment?;) That’s eustress. It’s critical for your mind as you go through life. Keeps you excited, awake, and positive.

During an acute stress response, the autonomic nervous system is activated and the body experiences increased levels of cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormones that produce an increased heart rate, quickened breathing rate, and higher blood pressure. This stress goes away pretty fast and is like a wasabi punch in the face. This also affects short-term immune activation and can be healthy for the body.

To give you some context, here is Yerkes-Dodson Human Performance and Stress Curve (fig.1). I use this at work and to work out.

healthiest skin

Chronic stress is not good. This long-term stress response and overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follow disrupt almost all your body's functions. This leaves you at risk of so many health problems. It is also worth noting that every single person has different spectrum levels at which they can handle stress. I’ve found that exercising at near-fatigue levels increases my stress level intake, for example. But this kind of workout needs to be consistent and highly monitored (pre and post-workout rituals needed).

A great way to start the new year is to wrap your mind around what needs to get done, what needs to change, and a plan to change it. And why not enjoy more of life by working just a little bit more on your physical and mental self.

Thanks for reading!

Rodrigo Diaz

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