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5 Things To Look For In An Undereye Serum

5 Things To Look For In An Undereye Serum

5 minute read

Regardless of what people may say, your eyes are not a window into your soul; they’re organs of the visual system and provide you with the ability to receive and process visual data, as well as enabling several light-response functions that are independent of vision. But we’re not here to give you a biology class on the eye - it’s the skin around the eye that we are focused on as it’s one of the thinnest, most sensitive areas of your body. This makes this area the first place you’ll see damage from habits we enjoy during the day (and night!). That is why using an undereye serum is so important and can make up for years of lifestyle damage. But there are some things an undereye serum must have to optimize the skin under the eye and bring it back to health. Eyeball these 5 traits.

1. A Strengthening Tool 

As mentioned above, your undereye skin is thin and this presents a problem when riding down the coast in a cafe racer in the blazing sun or battling the last bit of work at 3 am. The skin becomes dehydrated, is quickly fatigued, and blood vessels underneath begin to show. An undereye serum must contain strengthening ingredients like peptides that assist in cell to cell communication for repair, and botanical stem cells that regenerate proteins lost due to daily and nightly habits. Look for wording in the description with ‘strengthening’ or ‘protecting’ and read which ingredients do the job.

2. Absorbius Maximus: The Serum

It’s simple. Serums usually contain much smaller molecules and ingredients that absorb readily into the skin. Unlike its frappe cousin, “the cream”, serums usually sink deeper into the layers of skin. This helps support the actual area of damage; like fixing damage to the engine instead of only banging out dents on a car. The car looks better, but over time, you’ll need a new engine (and you can’t replace your skin...yet). That’s why it’s always good to look for a serum for the under eye skin before using a cream.

undereye serum

3. Airless Application System

Undereye serums or creams in jars immediately lose their effectiveness as soon as they come in contact with air. Like an apple left out in the open, it oxidizes and doesn’t taste quite the same. The same principle goes for any skincare product that is not close to a solid (low viscosity) like a thick mask, etc. Look for products that are in airless containers so that every dose is as effective as the one before. 

4. Hydration: It’s all about the HA’s!

You’ll be laughing once you include Hyaluronic acid (HA) into your routine as HA is lost when we drink or stress out, dehydrating the skin around the eye. Looking for a good concentration of HA in an undereye serum (7-15%) can make your skin hold more water, which moisturizes and improves skin elasticity and can slightly bring back some of that [visual] volume lost during the day. Note: HA only improves the top layer of dead skin and does not absorb into the bottom layers (look for acetylated hyaluronic acid if you want it to absorb deep into the base layer).

5. Powerhouse List of Ingredients

Here is a list of powerful ingredients (some mentioned above) that can work in your favor to bring your undereye skin back to health while protecting it from whatever it is you love doing:

  • Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 is an antioxidant that has a brightening and hydrating effect. It can also reduce excess oil production under stress.
  • CoQ10 shields the skin from sun damage and decreases the risk of wrinkles.
  • Peptides support collagen production, so they’re perfect for thinning skin and fine lines.
  • AHAs like lactic acid, glycolic acid, and mandelic acid can treat hyperpigmented skin. Use these at lower levels (0.5-1%) as it can get irritating if you use too much.
  • Vitamin C, an antioxidant, offers sun protection and brightening properties.
  • Vitamin E is moisturizing and soothing.
  • Caffeine decreases puffiness and dark undereye circles. Great at a concentration of 2-5%.
  • Retinoids (Found in Dark Phyto Matter). Retinoids can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but use them wisely before going out into the sun. Make sure to apply 15-30 minutes before heading out as UV rays can alter the molecular dynamics of retinoids to form damaging particles like ROS (reactive oxygenated species) - I know...rules of the game. They can also irritate the skin, so only use retinoid products designed for the under eye like a low concentration of retinol (0.1-0.25%)

As over 90% of visible damage to the skin is created by our lifestyles, the thinnest areas have less protection and can show even more damage. And being one of the first places you see in the mirror when you wake up, the undereye skin can also make or break your energy for the day (I know this has happened to me on many occasions). This is why it is so important to look for an undereye serum with the above traits.

Find out how GOA’s has packed its Anti-Fatigue Undereye Serum with the right kind of ingredients, and an airless system to keep your undereye skin looking fresh and healthy.

Undereye serum

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