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5 Things That Are Making You Look Tired

5 Things That Are Making You Look Tired

4 minute read

You press the elevator button to the penthouse office and dread the moment you have to walk through the countless people watching you come in. "Hey, man, how was last night?" Says a co-worker who barely has any significance to you. You give him a half-smile and pretend you never had that confrontation. Congrats, you just had your first, "you look tired," of the morning. Yet, you need to sort out your priorities - and the last thing you want to worry about is your vanity. And while it doesn't have to be your priority, your health is. 

So, what was it that got your skin to look so tired? Here, we cover 5 things other than sleep that can surely get you that tired look you never wanted.

Zen, Bro, Zen. - Stress

Having stress is okay - it’s actually good for growth. But have too much of it for a long period of time and it works against your body. Stress restricts blood supply to your skin, which results in less supply of oxygen. When the skin is deprived of nourishment, it looks tired and dull, and it loses moisture, softness, and a healthy glow. It slows down the regeneration of cells leading to uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Thus, leading to tired skin.

The Hang Over - Alcohol

Other than a couple of glasses of beer (benefits outweigh the negative impact), studies have shown that alcohol is literal poison for your body. Not to say I don’t enjoy a small glass of Clase Azul Reposado, but drinking creates puff-eyes, a loss of volume (even drinking moderately1), and dries out the skin as your kidneys go into overdrive trying to flush out the excess liquids. This means the rest of your organs aren’t getting enough hydration, which will get your skin tired-looking, especially around the eyes.

Where's My Hazmat? - Light & Air Pollution

In the summer heat, we frolic to the outdoors - it’s inevitable. And a big contributor to facial aging and making your face look tired is both light & air pollution. Light being UVA, UVB, UVC, blue light from the sun, and fluorescent light. And air being all particulate matter, and toxic chemicals from natural and man-made sources. It messes with cellular DNA in your skin, blocks essential pathways for growth, and can lead to volume loss and wrinkle formation, mostly around the eyes.

You Going to Eat That? - Unhealthy Foods

Yup, there are certain foods that will affect your skin almost immediately. For the lactose or gluten intolerant, you know that all too well. And after a long night, whether at work or partying it up, the fried foods can make your skin look tired in the morning. Sugar can destroy collagen and is associated with facial volume loss. Sodium causes you to retain water, making your skin appear much puffier than normal, which especially shows up around the eye area, as the skin is thinner than the rest of the face.

It's My Allergies, I Swear. - Dust & Polle

Sure, coughing is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear in an elevator - even if it is an allergy. Allergic reactions cause sinus congestion that disrupts or prevent sleep and therefore your skin turns dull and the skin around the eye loses volume. Allergies also cause your body to release histamines which contribute to tiredness alongside other, more obvious allergic symptoms2. Lasting some days, allergies can leave you looking like the night of the living dead at the office.

There are obvious solutions to each of these cases but let’s face it - you’ll run into them time and time again. And when you do, the solutions are quite limited. But there is hope.

The area of the face that is impacted more by tired skin is around the eyes. Since it’s got thinner skin it is more prone to damage than the rest of the face. So we’ve focused our energy on creating an anti-fatigue serum for the undereye skin to strengthen skin cells and reduce tired and aging skin. Learn more about GOA’s Anti-Fatigue Undereye Serum.

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1. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2019


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