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5 Reasons To Use The RFC-24 Before Bed

5 Reasons To Use The RFC-24 Before Bed

3 minute read

What we’ve found over the years is that having a solid nighttime routine is the trick to getting insanely smooth, and healthier skin during the day. It makes your morning regimen that much more efficient while your skin battles daily obstacles like sun exposure, stress, and fatigue (for example). As your skin goes through nightly changes like water loss, continued UV damage to your cells, and the regeneration of collagen, it needs all the support it can get to reach its potential. So we’ve engineered a solution to get your nighttime routine going. A few weeks ago we upgraded the Regenerative Face Cream [RFC-24] and optimized the way it repairs the skin through your body’s circadian rhythm at night. So, what are the reasons to use this nighttime product before bed? Here are 5.  


Destroying UV Damage While You Sleep

Our proprietary ingredient Dark Phyto Protein is now available in the RFC-24! Happy days (I mean nights) as your skin still gets damaged at night from all the UV exposure during the day. Dark Phyto Protein tells the skin how to look better as the sun produces abnormal elastin (protein to repair collagen at night). This bad version of elastin actually does the opposite and breaks it down more in the presence of UVA.  

Neuroproline. An Anti-Stress Tool

We’ve added a well-studied ingredient to significantly reduce cortisol release and induce beta-endorphin and dopamine production in the skin. Why? This extract from the plant Tephrosia purpurea upregulates genes involved in antioxidant response and skin renewal so that your nights can be as effective to take down oxidation and stress (as much as 70%!). Repair & relax, indeed. 


Zero-Greasy Feel. 24 Hour Hydration

We’ve upgraded the RFC-24 to contain oil extracts that absorb immediately while providing an insane amount of repair to your skin’s barrier and its functions. This reduces the amount of transepidermal water loss that occurs while you sleep and keeps it that way throughout the morning. No more waking up in a state of dryness.

AHA’s Do The Heavy Lifting

Every hour we shed approximately 1,500,000 dead skin flakes. The number dwindles as the damage accumulating in your skin from the day-to-day hustle increases cell stacking that leads to rough, drier skin (oh...that’s why). Well, the RFC-24 is packed with a dual, gentle, AHA power couple: lactic & glycolic acid. Working at different levels of the skin, these two make it much easier for the rest of the active ingredients to work more efficiently. Think of these two like a pair of secret agents infiltrating damage in the skin before the SWAT shows up.

Ingredient Efficiency Up

Your skin is able to absorb active ingredients like glycolic acid much better at night without them being denatured by the sun's UV rays. 

Bonus Jonas: Yes, it can be used during the day as well to lock in moisture and help fight the skin against daily damage!

Find out more on how the Regenerative Face Cream can be part of your daily life (and ward off daily life habits).


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